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AGA FUN-GCB 2001-JUN-01 Fundamentals of Gas Combuston - Combned Manual and Workbook-Thrd Edton XH0105

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This manual was originally prepared under the direction of the American Gas Association and Gas Appliance Manufacturers Association Joint Committee for Customer Service. It was written by James C. Griffiths, Senior Research Engineer, and J. Fred Parr, Manager of Engineering Services, American Gas Association Laboratories (Cleveland, Ohio). The 1996 Edition was prepared by Vera Kam, Project Supervisor, and Doug DeWerth, Consultant, A.G.A. Laboratories, Research and Development Division, and updates the 1973 edition. The 2000 Edition was edited and prepared by Mary Smith Carson and James W. Freeman, Consultants, WE Associates Ltd.

The manual initially was a project of the Customer Service and Utilization Committee of the American Gas Association. Its purpose is to provide a text for self-study as well as a textbook to be used in the formal classroom.

It is a useful tool to vocational-technical schools, appliance service and repairmen and utility customer service programs. The text has been prepared so that only a moderate knowledge of mathematics and science is required for understanding. In an effort to assist in the reinforcement of the material found in the text, this edition combines the text of the Fundamentals of Gas Combustion XH9601 manual and the Fundamentals of Gas Combustion Work Book XH9602. Answers to all chapter reviews can be found on pages 127-131 of this book.

Other texts in this series cover the following fundamental subject areas:

•Venting and Ventilation




•Service to the Customer

A glossary is provided at the rear of the book. The text material will be more meaningful to the students if they familiarize themselves with these terms.

WE Associates, Ltd. wishes to thank all of the members of the American Gas Association Customer Service and Utilization Committee for their review and editorial comments.

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